Customer Voice

name: GREGORY message:
country: ARUBA (Y2018) Car is safe in Aruba
name: MULENGA message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2018) Very nice car thanks a lot.
name: MWASSY message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2018) My RUSH looks very nice...I am very comfortable with it...
name: EMMIE message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2018) Hello, I have received my CAMI rose pink safe and secure with all the tools that you had put in there including the spare key.

Am so grateful for your service including the guidance you gave me during the process.

Thanks to you Mr. Tani and to Tradecarview. It was nice working with you.

I would definitely recommend you to my colleagues. Attached is a picture of my beautiful CAMI.

name: WILLBERT message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2018) Hello Tani,

I safely received the unit. it is as I saw when inspected before transportation.

I am happy for you and appreciate the cooperation you gave me all over the processes to the end of having the Alphard at my hand.

Its my second time to use your company and I will still use it as I worked with you very smoothly.

With Regards,

name: ELIMO message:
country: MICRONESIA (Y2018) Hello thank you for my car it was awesome thank so much
name: GEROMA LTD message:
country: UGANDA (Y2016) PROBOX Refrigerator Very clean and moving well. Car registered in Uganda by Geroma Ltd
name: ANYA message:
country: BAHAMAS (Y2016) Everything was as Tani said and I love the MW. Great service. Anya
name: HURUMA message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2016) Safe in Dar, thanks Tani
name: ENOCK message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2016) Am grateful for selling me a good car. Looking forward for more business with you Enock
name: ELPERT message:
country: ANTIGUA (Y2016) Hi Tani Thanks. I got the IMPREZA WRX out of the port today. The vessel came on Saturday. Thanks much for your kind service. Elpert
name: MATHEW message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2016) Dear Mr Tani, You just see me enjoying the life with my Raum. Still performing tremendously and most people congratulate me for having very excellent car from IMIAUTO COMPANY which most of them assume it to be brand new according to its God condition and appearance Thank you Mathew
name: ELIADA message:
country: ZIMBABWE (Y2016) Hello Mr Tani How are you? I just wanted you to know I now have the car at home. I arrived with it yesterday from Zambia. I am very happy with the car and so is my wife. Eliada
name: ROYD message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2015) Hi Tani, Hope you are in perfect health. This is to confirm that I have received the DUET. Further more,I wish to state that it has been amazing dealing with you.Thank you for your understanding.I will not hesitate to do business with your organization again. Royd Best regards.
name: DAVID message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2015) Am so happy about my new car that I received just a couple of days ago. Thanks a lot to Tani that I have received my car in perfect condition. David
name: WILLIAM message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2015) Thanks Tani, I am with the car now. It is in a good condition, keep in touch in business. William
name: MISHECK message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2015) It has been great doing business with you. May good Lord bless your Family and your business as well Regards Misheck
name: HARRY message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2014) Hallo Mr. Tani I received the Honda Z Car in good shape no dent and from Nakonde to Lusaka I was driving between 60-70km. And again I added 400km off road to kasama. Iam now in Lusaka going to namwala tomorrow Jehovah willing. So far so good and I liked the fuel consumption, the cleanliness and the radio is original Honda. The tires are good and the car is quiet raised off the ground. The engine produces a hiss sound in high speed could it be the turbo? And the accelerator is a bit hard as you press not soft, could it be that it needs adjustment of that's how it works. On average is good I have loved it. so if there any addition caution I need to know, please let me know. The way I saw it on the computer monitor screen its the way it has come. Harry
name: KEMOS message:
country: PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Y2014) Hello Tani, I received my my car (Toyota Platz) in great condition. Good value for the total money I spent and we are more than satisfied. You have been very efficient and effective in handling my order from start till the car was was on-board the ship and afterwards. Me and My family would like to thank you so much for your professionalism and wish you and your company (UNOJIKOU CO., LTD.) happy selling. Attached is the photo of my family in front of the car.

Thank you,

Kemos回 Papua New Guinea
name: FRANCIS message:
country: KENYA (Y2014) Hallo Tani,

I received the PORTE on Saturday, Well i do like it and it is good and clean. its performance is so good. Have attached it, already have a Kenyan registration number. Thanks and i would request we do more business with you.
Otherwise thanks a lot.


name: ADEN message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2014) I really don't know where to start but one thing for SURE the IMIAUTO you are the best car seller. I have been dealing with a number of Japanese car exporters but to be sincere out of all, you remain my number one preference. In terms of communication, handling of client/customer and quality of units you score highest. I am happy to have your service and I will never stop dealing with you. Hey!!! for anyone who wishes to purchase cars please visit the IMIAUTO link at the tradecarview. My name is ADEN KANJE from Tanzania
name: JEAN message:
country: BURUNDI (Y2013) Following a done deal positively with respect to the purchase of the Toyota Avensis car bought itself to your business (UNOJIKOU.COM), I salute your services successfully to your online customers by ensuring that after you import the car in your company following the procedures that said car is well and truly arrived in peace, dear colleagues then you import your car in complete safety. Jean Marie Nkurunziza, BURUNDI
name: EMMANUEL message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2013) Hi Tani: Thanks very much for your kindness now i have the car.

She is my wife stand with a car side to side again thanks.

Very much soon i expect to do another business with you.

All the best wish you good life and hard work.

Yours EMMANUEL (Mr.)
name: DAN message:
country: UGANDA (Y2013) Dear Mr Tani.

Thanks, I received the RAV 4 in good shape as it appeared on the net.
I think I would recommend who ever intends to buy to you.

DAN- Uganda.
name: MERVIN message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2013) Hello Tani, I am glad to inform that i have received the Nissan X-TRAIL. It is now with me.

I picked it up at Nakonde Boarder Zambia on 28th March 2013. It is in my town Siavonga.

I will soon send the photos and the car with me very soon. And i will stick the stickers of you company on my car so that that i market you company.

The vehicle is in perfect conditions and i love it so much. Looking forward to do more business with you in the near future.

My warm regards, Mervin
name: E.MUSAKANYA message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2013) Dear Tani,
Thank you very much for all the support
during payments up to ECU installation

name: KHAING message:
country: MYANMAR (Y2013) Dear Tani, How are you? Glad to read your email. I arrived back home on 24th August. I was happy to see my Ipsum. Very nice car and really good to drive. Thanks for sending me as a good car. I'm really wish to drive on Hi way road. So, plan to go vacation with my family. I will send photo for my Ipsum with nice background. So, give me a time. Forget it about my Ipsum's spare wheel. I can manage here. All the best and have a nice day. best regards, A.M. Khaing
name: DAVY message:
country: ZAMBIA (Y2013) Hi Tani i received the car its in good condition am very very happy with everything thank you once again looking forward for another deal thanks
name: FAIZ message:
country: TANZANIA (Y2013) HI TANI Am so happy I received then car in a very good condition I even didnt expect it will be like that nthanks aloot for real am soo excited thanx aloot Yours FAIZ
name: JAMES message:
Many thanks for your tremendous customer service

I would like to confirm that I have received the item and so far I am happy with the order.
The vehicle condition is as you stated therefore I will surely recommend you to my friends.

name: HURUMA message:
country: TANZANIA Hi Tani
How are you! I knew you were so busy,
but am happy that you replied!
I have attached the picture...
U could see am repainting the PROBOX I bought from you now! Now!!!


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name: JUMA message:
country: TANZANIA Thank you for having safely arranged shipping of the unit belonging to my son. which was received in good condition.

thanking you for your usual cooperation. hopefully working again with you in future


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name: Yahya message:
country: TANZANIA Dear Tani, Alpha

i would like to take this opportunity to register my deepest gratitude to you and your team.

It has been almost 2 months since i received my car. i cant find words to express my joy, first of all, i received my car in an amazingly very very good condition, never regrate a single sent i spent in this car. its like a brand new, am counting my self very lucky doing business with you! i was so much impressed with the transparency we had, being updated at every step and the negotiation we had, and finally receiving the car.

Thank you very much.
name: PAUL message:
country: TANZANIA It has been a long time we have not communicated but wanted to let U know we are all ok me and the family. Say hello to all at Imiauto; find attached photo of the Probox now how it looks like.
Arigato Paul

name: LUCY (ALPHA) message:
country: TANZANIA Yesterday LUCY's RAV4 receiced very fine with very good condition . . . . . . Thank you very much